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Your Go-To Gold Coast Beauty Salon 

Hey there! Welcome to I Am Her Beauty, where we're all about adding a sprinkle of sparkle to your day. Nestled right here on the Gold Coast, our beauty salon is like a little beauty bash for your face and soul. We've got everything from permanent makeup to lash extensions and brow wizardry, all tailored to match your unique beauty therapy Gold Coast vibe.

At I am her beauty, we take beauty seriously. Our beauty therapy salon’s diverse range of services includes permanent makeup, lash extensions, brow shaping, and waxing – all tailored to perfectly complement your natural look. Whether you’re seeking a subtle enhancement or a dramatic transformation, our expert beauticians will work with you to achieve the look you’ve always wanted.

What Makes Us Tick

The Soul of Beauty Therapy on the Gold Coast

Here at I Am Her Beauty, we believe beauty is a feeling, not just a look. Our beauty salon is your cosy nook for a dose of confidence and a dash of self-care. With our team of beauty therapist in Gold Coast, we're on a mission to make you leave with a bigger smile than when you walked in.

Just for You - Because You're One of a Kind

We get it, you're not like everyone else. And that's why we love you! Our services, from ombre brows to combination brows, are mixed and matched just for you. We're all about creating that perfect blend that's as unique as your coffee order.

Our Crowd-Pleasers

Permanent Makeup: Like a Tattoo, but Prettier

Fancy waking up looking like you've already conquered the day? Our Gold Coast beauty salon’s permanent makeup is like your skin, but on its best day, every day. It's all about those sneaky little enhancements that make your natural beauty pop.

Lash Extensions: Bat Those Eyelashes, Darling!

Eyes are the windows to the soul, and our lash extensions are the pretty curtains. Whether you're after a flirty flutter or a full-on glam gaze, we've got the magic touch to make your eyes irresistible.

Brow Shaping & Waxing: Brows on Fleek

Say goodbye to brow dilemmas! Our Gold Coast beauty salon‘s shaping and waxing gurus are here to finesse your brows into the perfect arches. It's not just about tidying up; it's about sculpting those bad boys to frame your gorgeous face.

Why Us? Because We Think You're Fab!

  • Skillz: Our beauty therapists in the Gold Coast are like the superheroes of the beauty world, always upping their game to bring you the freshest looks.

  • It's All About You: We're big on listening and even bigger on delivering. Your wish is our command, with a sprinkle of our professional magic.

  • Only the Best: Top-shelf products, A-grade techniques, and a whole lot of love go into every service. We're here to make you shine.



As the proud owner of I am her beauty, I am constantly learning and staying up to date with all the newest trends and techniques. I started this business because I wanted to create a welcoming environment where clients can feel their best. I believe that feeling good and being confident in your own skin is so important and I aim to promote that through my services. My team and I provide outstanding work, and we strive to make every client feel beautiful inside and out. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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Let's Get This Beauty Party Started!

Ready to amp up your beauty therapy in Gold Coast? We're here, wands at the ready, to help you find that perfect look that screams 'you'. Join the fun at I Am Her Beauty, and let's turn your beauty dreams into your everyday reality. From that special occasion to just-because days, our beauty therapy salon is here to sprinkle a little extra fabulous into your life.

Let's chat, laugh, and maybe share a beauty secret or two. At I Am Her Beauty, it's not just about the makeover; it's about the journey, the giggles, and the newfound confidence. Let's make beauty your favourite accessory!

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